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Review Policy

I am willing to give an honest review of your product free of charge, but a sample product must be sent to me for use so I can provide an accurate review. Products will not be returned.


I currently review Christian books, Bibles, audio books, DVDs, CDs and other Christian and Family products, such as games, homeschool and educational products, toys and other things appropriate for families.

I have recently began reviewing fitness equipment, DVDs, books and programs. No diet pills!

Books will be reviewed within 4-6 weeks unless other arrangements are made. I am willing to review some books on a two week deadline, so please feel free to contact me even if you need a review to be posted to mirror a release date or blog tour.

Products will be viewed with 2 weeks, unless more time is needed to get the full benefit of your product or other arrangements are made.

~Christian Fiction; including Romance, Suspense, YA, Children's, General Fiction, Chick-Lit, Mom-Lit, Biblical History, etc
~Christian Non Fiction; including Parenting, Marriage and Relationship, Bible Studies, Women's Help titles, Mom titles, etc
~Bibles; including the Holy Bible in various versions, commentaries, devotionals, etc.
~Clean Reads; including anything that does not contain foul language or sexual content.
~Children's: including picture books, middle-age, YA and educational titles, etc.

A product review/spotlight will include my review of the product you sent me. A giveaway of one of your products is not required, but is extremely helpful in getting more visitors to your website.

I am open to reviewing many products, including: crafts, handmade treasures, stuff for kids, toys, games, DVDs, music (must be clean), jewelry, computer and electronics, software (must run on a Mac), household items and more.

I am open to spotlighting many companies/businesses, including: Christian based, big or small business, Etsy shops, crafters who sell from their blog, retail chains, direct sales companies and more.

Here is how I run a giveaway at What You Reading Now?
To enter, the participant must visit your website, take a look around and return to my blog leaving a comment of the product they'd like to own or leaving information they have learned about you, your product or your company.
An additional entries may be earned by sharing the giveaway via blog post, Tweet, Facebook post, etc. 
You may choose to offer a gift certificate to your company, a certain product or the winners choice up to a specific dollar amount.
You may choose to offer a special discount for a limited time (maybe while the drawing is taking place or for the week after the drawing, etc.) to my readers. This will also help with visits and sales.

I am open to blog tours, guest posts, author interviews and/or contests. I am always willing to allow guest posts by the author, even if I am unable to review your book or product. A copy of your book or product is still requested, so I can add my review at a later date.

Along with posting a review on my blog, I will always post my review to Amazon.com.
Upon request ONLY-> I will post to other websites (up to two per book or product). Please request the preferred websites upon submitting your book or product.

I am also on Facebook and my contacts do receive notice of my reviews.

My goal through my review site is to bring new eyes and readers to Christian and great clean reads. It is my goal to help promote your book and get your work into the hands of readers.

I know as a busy mom I don't always have time to research every company or product I want to buy, so I find review blogs very helpful, I just want to give back. I've found lots of amazing business through others blogs and I want to help someone else find a great business to buy from too!

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Please feel free to contact me at ladyverlina AT yahoo DOT com.

I am sorry, but I am not accepting e-books or downloadable products at this time.

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