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Clean, Green and Lean: Get Rid of the Toxins That Make You Fat by Walter Crinnion



Groundbreaking science can help you win the battle against fat for good
You've been eating less, counting calories, and exercising like crazy -- shouldn't you be skinny by now? If you're not, diet and exercise may not be the weight-loss answer you need. In Clean, Green, and Lean, you'll find out how the toxins in your food and all over your house can make you fat and keep you that way. This book clearly shows you how to clean out your system and your home to lose weight and feel great in just four weeks.

Want to lose weight without starving yourself, counting calories, or following a complex meal plan? Would you like to look and feel stronger and healthier than you have in years -- exercise optional? How about transforming your health in just four weeks and helping to save the planet in the process? Find out how by reading Clean, Green, and Lean.

In this clear, easy-to-understand guide to getting slim, healthy, and toxin-free, naturopathic physician Dr. Walter Crinnion shows you how to clean up your diet, clean out your body, and rid your home of the toxins that surround you. Many of your nagging health problems will melt away with the pounds, including fatigue, aches and pains, allergies, and depression.

Clean, Green, and Lean shows you why conventional weight-loss programs don't deliver or can't sustain the results you're looking for and how the toxin-fat connection prevents you from losing weight no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise. You'll learn how reducing your toxic burden can help you stay lean for life. Dr. Crinnion helps you determine whether your weight gain is toxin-related and prescribes several cleansing methods and toxin-fighting supplements to rid your body of heavy metals and other poisons. Could it be your house that's making you fat? Dr. Crinnion helps you identify sources of toxic chemicals, allergens, and poisons in your home where you might least expect them. You'll learn how to remove and dispose of them safely, keep new toxins out, and make your home as clean and green as it can be.

Clean, Green, and Lean contains healthy, delicious, clean, green recipes and two weeks of meal plans for lean breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. These nutritious and satisfying meals will keep your stomach full, your body toxin-free, and your body and mind working at peak efficiency.

Filled with inspiring, true-life stories of people who have lost weight, healed their bodies, and turned their lives around following Dr. Crinnion's four-week plan, Clean, Green, and Lean is the groundbreaking book you need to slim down, clean up, and start enjoying life again.

CrinnionDr. Walter Crinnion is one of America's foremost authorities on environmental medicine. A naturopathic physician, he is the director of the Environmental Medicine Center of Excellence at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizon
a and chair of the Environmental Medicine Department. He is a close colleague of Dr. Peter D'Adamo, author of the monumental bestseller Eat Right 4 Your Type.

For more information, please visit www.crinnionmedical.com.

As a single-income family raising 5 kids in this economical crisis era, going 'organic' is almost impossible.

Some tips that Dr. Walter mentions are easy for every family to change in their every day living.

Chemicals are every where, many are brought into our homes without the thought of the major effects that they have on our health, and that of our family.

On Dr. Crinnion's website he has an interesting article about the health effects of things around us. If you are like me, after reading this list you have to pick up your chin off the floor and you start looking through cabinets and in cleaning closets.

Though I do not feel that I can change our ENTIRE eating regiment, I know that there are a few things that I can make sure I replace with healthier versions or organic. I will definitely do away with many of the chemicals that Dr. Crinnion mentions.

Overall, Clean, Green and Lean was great. You can search for hours upon hours to find all this information online, but if you want it all in one place and easy to refer to, then this is a must-have for your library!

I was draw to this book because I am trying to lose weight. (Mainly so I look great in a swimsuit next summer for my trip to Jamaica, but the more I look into diets, eating habits and fitness, I know that it is more about living healthy then just about losing weight.)


 The Legal Stuff: This book was provided by FSB Media.

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