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Toto's Tales by K.D. Hays and Meg Weidman

Toto's Tale


Toto the terrier and his pet girl Dorothy have their world turned upside down by a cyclone that rips their house from ground and spins it into the land of Oz. In this strange place, cats grow way bigger than they should and they speak the same language as Dorothy. So now Dorothy spends her time talking to a giant cat, a walking scarecrow, and a hollow man made of metal.
The five of them follow a brick road to see the Great Lizard who is supposed to give them something. Although Toto is hoping for a pork chop, he will settle for a trip back to Kansas. But when they reach the Great Lizard (who turns out to be a big human head), instead of helping them, he sends them out to kill a witch.
Toto enables them to survive attacks by killer bees and mad wolves, but the annoying monkeys with wings prove too much even for him, and the monkeys are able to carry him and Dorothy to the witch’s castle.
Once there, he realizes the witch is after the shoes that Dorothy picked up when they first landed in Oz. He also realizes that the witch can be destroyed with water. It becomes a race to see if the witch can trick Dorothy into giving up the shoes before Toto figures out how to melt her.
But even if he destroys the witch, they still have to figure out how to get home…

K.D. HaysK.D. Hays and Meg Weidman are a mother-daughter team who aspire to be professional roller coaster riders and who can tell you exactly what not to put in your pockets when you ride El Toro at Six Flags. Meg is studying art in a middle school magnet program. For fun, she jumps on a precision jump rope team and reads anything not associated with school work. K.D. Hays, who writes historical fiction under the name Kate Dolan, has been writing professionally since 1992. She holds a law degree from the University of Richmond and consequently hopes that her children will pursue studies in more prestigious fields such as plumbing or waste management. They live in a suburb of Baltimore where the weather is ideally suited for the four major seasons: riding roller coasters in the spring and fall, waterslides in the summer and snow tubes in the winter. Although Meg resents the fact that her mother has dragged her to every historical site within a 200-mile radius, she will consent to dress in colonial garb and participate in living history demonstrations if she is allowed to be a laundry thief.

I wanted to read this alone before reading with my kids. I have few book lovers of my own, but I am very cautious about what I allow them to read.

I plan to read this with my kids!

The twist on telling the story from Toto's point of view was a fun twist. The ideas and perspective made for thought provoking read. I never really took time to think about things from the pets point of view, or even from my child's point of view.

Hays and Weidman have a good flow and good writing style.

This book will stay in my kid's home library.


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K.D. Hays said...

Thanks for your very kind words. We had a lot of fun trying to look at things from the dog's perspective, and that has carried over into our life with our own dogs Shannon and Alice. They served as "canine consultants" on the book and now expect to be paid regularly in pork chops!

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