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The O'Malley Chronicles by Dee Henderson

(One of my favorite authors and the very first series I have ever completed!)
This expectational well written and thoroughly thought out series which follows the everyday lives of the O'Malley family and how they all collide together personally and professionally.
Kate, Marcus, Lisa, Jake, Rachel, Stephen and their sister Jennifer have all but ordinary lives. The O'Malley family is not the traditional blood-family. They are a group of abandoned kids who while together in an orphanage chose to become a family, choosing their last name together, and seeing each other through thick and thin, which are by far from the end!
As Dee captures the feelings and realness of each character you will feel as though you part of the family. I hated to see the series end and would love to continue to know more of the family.
In The Negotiator, Kate meets Dave Richards, the man who loves her enough to love her, even in her dangerous line of work. She is a very successful hostage negotiator, he is there to protect her, something she doesn't think she needs. Can Dave love her enough to keep her safe?
Marcus O'Malley's job as a U.S. Marshal is to protect. In The Guardian, Marcus is assigned the case of protecting Shari, the only witness in the murder of a Federal Judge. But he gets more than he bargains for.

Always searching for the truth as a Forensic Pathologist, Lisa is used to being at crime scenes and involved in cases, but now she is apart of the case. Can Quinn Diamond's love for Lisa bring her home safely when a serial killer take Lisa as his next victim? Find out in The Truth Seeker.
In The Protector, Jack is lead on a chase to put out fires that are being set in his district and on his shift rotation. His love for Cassie is put through he fire, will it come out tried and true? Cassie's faith in God brought her through the hardest time in her life, a severe burn while on the job. Join Jack as Cassie shares her faith with him.

As a worker for Red Cross, Rachel, in The Healer, counsels many people, her focus being kids, through the disasters that hit us in life. Now, as she counsels the students from a local junior high where a tragic shooting took place, she finds herself deeper in than she thought. And the gun is still missing.

The Rescuer: Paramedic see a lot, but now after watching his sister Jennifer, fight for her live as a cancer patient, Stephen just wants to get away from it all, including God. When Meghan, a now blind woman that Jack has had a crush on since his teen years, needs help will he come to her rescue?

There is not a book written about the sister Jennifer, but her story is introduced and tangled with many of these books. Each book has a love story of it's own and also continues to keep you updated with the prior and former book characters. With each book, you get new insight into the characters and watch them interact with eachother as siblings!

Dee Henderson did a superb job with this story. It is, so far, my most favorite series. And own these books and will read them again and again!


Anonymous said...

Just found your site. Gonna add it to my favorites. I wanted to ask you to add 2 more reactions: already read it and i love it! and Already read it and shouldnt have (or something like that.) I'm in the already read it and loved it category for this one.

nat said...

These are the 100% best books i have ever read. Danger in the Shadows is the prequel and it is astounding! If you want to read the O'Malley series I strongly suggest you read this book first. This is an amazing series that you will enjoy! You can't put the book down once you start to read it. This book is good for pre-teen to adults. I am 13 and I loved it so much I asked my mom to PLEASE read it. So is is reading it now and she can't put it down!

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