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SUPERMOM: More than a JUST a Mom?

At the time of this post I was reading a book by Jill Savage entitled Professionalizing Motherhood. Jill Savage is the Director and Founder of Hearts at Home. It is a non-denominational ministry that is encouraging, uniting and equipping Moms.

Just as I began this book and she starts talking about our title as 'mom'. When you are asked the infamous questions, "So, what do you do for a living?" How do you answer? Do you say, "Oh, I am just a stay-at-home." or do you respond, "I sit in front of the TV and eat bon-bons while my kids run a muck!" Do you jump on the opportunity to give a run down of your day; "well, I begin at 6am. I arise from my sleepless night, cause I was up with Jan all night because she has a cold, I prepare breakfast for 5 hungry kids and my husband. I kiss everyone goodbye as they leave for work or school and then I clean up the kitchen from breakfast, throw in a load of laundry, get in my quiet time with God while the first load washes. After I put that load into the dryer, I throw a new load into the wash. While that load washes and the other load dries, I get in a morning run.... then at about 10 pm I finally get the chance to think about getting to bed, when I remember that Timmy needs his soccer uniform clean for tomorrow's big games so in goes another load of laundry, thus another LONG night!"

Well, I don't think that boring the world with our every step in life is the correct answer, but I sure don't think that starting that you are just a mom is the right way to answer that either!

I am not JUST a mom!
I am a multi-generational educator. I teacher 3rd grade, 2nd grade and Kindergarten, simultaneously, while keeping an eye on twin toddlers making sure that my house is still standing when the math lesson is over! I prepare approximately 75 meals a month (that 3900 a year!) on a not-so-lavishing food budget. I kiss bo-bo's. Read stories. Give bathes. Tuck kids in after chasing down the favorite stuffed animal of the week. Inspect teeth for 'sugar monsters' and pray blessings of good rest and sweet dreams over each child. (Pausing for a breath....) I make sure we have 'the good cheese' (a favorite brand AJ's loves!), chicken nuggets for lunches and granola bars for snacks. I reassure kids that what happen in Texas wouldn't happen in Utah (Hurricanes.) I teach my kids about sharing, using kind words, showing respect to elders and addressing Mom and Dad with "excuse me" when Mom or Dad are having a conversation with someone else. I make sure my kids have everything they need and some of what they want. I allow them to be themselves and I encourage them in their individuality- even when that means having invisible friends, wearing two different shoelaces on a pair of shoes or wearing stripes with plaid. (YUCK!) I love each of my kids the same, but for different reasons! Riah is just like her dad, I love her for that! AJ is so hilariously funny, I love her for that! Adi is just so darn cute! The twins are opposite of each other and are so adventurous and curious... I love them each, all 5 of them, SO SO much!

So I say again: I am not just a mom! I have one of the most important jobs in the world!

My job is:
  • The most challenging- dealing with 5 completely different personality types and needing to treat them each equally!

  • The most stressful- I am raising the next generation here! What I do and how I do it determines who they become in this society.

  • The most tiring- I am on call 24/7. No sick days. No vacations. No breaks or lunches!

  • The most fulfilling- I get to see immediate results and light bulbs go on in my kids minds daily!

  • The most rewarding- the smiles, the high fives, the hugs and the 'You're the Best Mom!''s are worth it all!

So when I am asked what I do for a living: I say I am a Multi-Generational Educator! I have 7 years of on the job training! And it's the best job in this world!

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hsmomma said...

LOVE this post! I am a Multi-Generational Educator also. :)

KD Hays said...

The part about the "good cheese" had me laughing aloud. For two years, that was the only thing my daughter would take for lunch. This year, she won't touch it. And the granola bars - have to buy them by the case now and I only have two kids. When people ask what I do I say "I work from home." Initially that referred to my writing, but I quickly realized it refers to ALL my work. And the writing is the least important of it.

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