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(Adventures in Odyssey #51) Take It From the Top

It’s back to the basics in Take It from the Top, the long-anticipated 51st album of Adventures in Odyssey! Enter Whit’s new invention, the Inspiration Station, and find out why Connie wants to spend so much time in it. Solve mysteries with local sleuth Emily Jones, and learn why 10-year-old Matthew Parker doesn’t think being “target of the week” is such a good thing. 
Catch up with Whit, Connie, Eugene, and Wooton, and meet two new families, as they learn lessons about responsibility, revenge, and God-given inspiration. Whether on a baseball field, at home, or at Whit’s End, there’s never a dull moment in the town of Odyssey!

Adventures in Odyssey, commonly abbreviated AIO or simply Odyssey, is an Evangelical Christian-themed radio drama/comedy series created by Phil Lollar and Steve Harris for Focus on the Family in 1987.


Any parent can't go wrong with Adventures in Odyssey. Visiting Witt's End was something I started doing after becoming a Christian at age 12. And now, having the privilege to join my kids in new adventures is a blast!

I love the audio versions of the stories, because it allows my kids to use their minds instead of being glued to the TV. I also love the fact that I don't have to worry about what they hear because i know that Focus on the Family is dedicated to bringing great clean, family friendly entertainment to us.

The lessons that Take It From the Top teaches are timeless.

My favorite episode on #51 Take it From the Top is "Clutter" where the Parker family de-clutters and learns in the process that we are to store our treasures up in heaven!

Any album of Adventures of Odyssey makes a great gift for any kids. I know we love to enjoy ours in the car while running errands around town!

Learn all you want to know about Adventure in Odyssey our their WIKI page: www.aiowiki.com

 The Legal Stuff: This book was provided by Tyndale Publishing.

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