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Heaven and Hell: the Journey of Chris and Serena Davis by Kenneth Zeigler

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Chris and Serena Davis held hands as they walked toward the portal, leaving the twisted wreck of their car—and their bodies—behind. Then they parted. Chris walks into the presence of God and an endless existence of love and contentment. Serena is tossed into the depths of Hell where she faces an eternal life of pain and hopelessness. Through God's mercy, those who dwell in Heaven have no recollection of loved ones in Hell—except Chris. He could not, would not, let her go, even though he realized that his loving wife had been given an eternal life sentence in Hell. Serena remembers Chris as well. In fact, it is part of Hell to remember and long for loved ones. What Serena sees and experiences in Hell makes her yearn for the love of her husband—and for the God she didn't accept. But there is hope—a faint hope that Chris and Serena can be together again. Serena's fate is in Chris's hands. Can he bridge the chasm that separates their realms before she is lost forever to Satan and the sea of fire? Can true love change the eternal plan of God? Can a man step into the depths of hell and save his beloved?

Ken Zeigler, 54, is the author of the Tears of heaven series. He's been writing stories since junior high school;  science  fiction  short  stories mostly.  He attended Shippensburg University in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.  He openly profess Jesus Christ to be my personal Lord and Savior.
     It wasn't always that way.  The change in his life came about  as  the result of  a  near death experience when he was eighteen years old. The circumstances of that experience were so remarkable that his life hasn't been the same since.  

Talk about a roller coaster ride!

I've been to heaven, hell and everywhere in between with this novel by Zeigler! What a ride!

Zeigler has a great writing style that brought depth and life to his characters, especially the two main characters; husband and wife, Serena and Chris Davis.

Though I personally do not believe that all of this can happen, its a novel so I won't nit-pick at that. I'll just stick to the writing, the idea and the originality of the book.

Zeigler had me guessing up to the very end. His twists and turns and wild ride had my mind whirling around the possible outcomes.

This is a journey that was worth the time, as this is a thick book, 554 pages.

This is the first book in the Tears of heaven series. I look forward to reading more by Kenneth Zeigler.


 The Legal Stuff: This book was provided by Kenneth Zeigler.

1 comment:

JDM said...

I read the book as well and definetly a book that will make you think and even want you to change your ways... i encourage everyone to read this book and pass it along

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