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Unfaithful by Gary and Mona Shiver

Unfaithful by Gary Shriver: Book Cover

Over ten years ago, Gary and Mona Shriver experienced the devastation caused by adultery, and after experiencing healing in their marriage, they wrote this book. Raw, transparently honest, the Shrivers’ story alone is an inspiration, offering hope and practical strategies for healing. Now this updated and revised edition adds other real-life stories of betrayal and forgiveness, and new information defining adultery, including the destruction of emotional affairs. And since one in four marriages is touched by infidelity, the need for hope, and a biblical approach to saving a broken marriage, is greater than ever. The Shrivers have shared their story of redemption many times in such media as The 700 Club, Focus on the Family, and RBC’s Words to Live By. Yet their most powerful testimony remains this book, a source of hope for wounded marriages everywhere.

After going through therapy to save their marriage from a devastating infidelity, Gary and Mona Shriver cofounded Hope and Healing Ministries, Inc.,, an adultery recovery peer support ministry, when they found no other couple who could offer them tangible hope that they could heal. They are members of the Association of Marriage and Family Ministries (AMFM) and participate in their focus group for Reconciling Troubled Marriages. The Shrivers are also members of the Stanislaus County Healthy Marriage Coalition in California. They have shared their story of hope many times on The 700 Club, Focus on the Family, and RBC’s Words to Live By. Gary, who owns an audio and video production facility, and Mona, a former nurse active in women’s ministries, have been married thirty-three years and have three grown sons. They reside in Turlock, California.

Though my marriage has not been touched by infidelity (Thank You Jesus! and my hubby Reuben!) I found this book to be full of helpful information on how to keep us from falling into that rut.

I love that there are Discussion questions included. This not only helps you to think about what you read, but to communicate as a couple, where you are healing from infidelity or strengthening your marriage.

I recommend this book to you!

Not only if your marriage has been touched by infidelity, but even if your marriage is great! Even if your relationship is excellent! Even if you have never had to fear your spouse stepping out on you!

If you want to keep your marriage great, read this book!
If you want to strengthen your marriage, read this book!

On a side note: In Unfaithful Gary and Mona refer to Jerry Jenkins book titled Hedges: Loving Your Marriage Enough to Protect. As a couple we have each read this book and found it very helpful. Gary and Mona touch on Hedges, in the chapter called Hedges, but for a deeper look into protecting your marriage, read Jerry's book!

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