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Raccoon Tales by Joy DeKok

Raccoon Tales Virtual Book Tour March 2010

About Raccoon Tales

Raccoon Tales is the true-life journey in the first year of the lives of these little “wash bears.” Written in easy-to-read verse, author, Joy DeKok, tells the story with tenderness and energy. Readers will leave the story glad they came, knowing more about raccoons, and what a wild animal rescue and release looks like. Illustrator Leslie Helen Colwin’s art brings the story to life.

About Joy DeKok

Joy is an author, national speaker, and author coach. From the time she was a little girl, she wanted to write for children. She has three published children’s books, a novel, and a devotional. You’re invited to visit her website at: www.believe4kids.com.

Read the Excerpt

Five baby raccoons lost their mother one day,
They needed help and a safe place to stay.
They were tiny, and their eyes were shut tight,
I wondered if they would be all right.
I held them close and promised I’d try
To give each of them a chance at life.
We fed them and gave them a place to play.
Then we sat nearby and started to pray,
“Lord, please keep them in Your care,
And thank You for these little “wash-bears”!
They snuggled into their blankets that night,
And we whispered, “Sweet dreams and sleep tight.”
Baby raccoons need lots of sleep.
They would yawn and pile into a furry heap.
Later, they’d purr and churr and cry out loud,
Letting us know they wanted out!
They’d enjoy a snack of warm milk and rice,
And thought being held was especially nice.


Within this cute book, their are four short 'chapters':

The Raccoon Rescue  
  • God is always with you. 
  • Key Scripture: Matt. 28:20
The Raccoon Flu - 
  • Trust God. 
  • Key Scripture: Proverbs 3:5
The Runaway Raccoon - God good and He is love
  • God is good!
  • Key Scripture: Psalm 107:1
A Raccoon Release - God answers prayers
  • God answers our prayers.
  • Key Scripture: Psalm 17:6

    My children and I have read through a couple of times since Joy sent it my way. We love books first off. We read many many a week, even a few kids picture books a day sometimes. (We homeschool, what can we say!?!)

    My eight-year old says that her favorite part was the beginning of the book when the raccoons we rescued. 

    I enjoyed that the story included little prayers and was supported with a scripture for each section. This is a book that does not shove Jesus down anyone throats but is just a sweet fresh story that kids can relate to, all while tying in God's characteristics. 

    I've read Joy's women's fiction and we hooked from page one... she proves herself once again with her children's stories!

    Beautiful story, Beautiful writing. Beautiful artwork.

    Great story for kids of all ages. It was perfect for my three older  kids- ages 5 to 8.


    This books was supplied free of charge by Cheryl @ Pump Up Your Book and Joy DeKok, for my honest review to be shared.

    1 comment:

    Cheryl said...

    Thanks for your lovely review of Joy's book. I'm glad the kids enjoyed it.


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