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REVIEW: Battle Ready Moms Raising Battle Ready Kids by Reba Bowman


Mom, you are in a war for the lives of your children.  The enemy is real and deceptive, and his weapons are varied.  If your children are going to become the men and women that you want them to be, you must take this battle seriously and prepare to fight.

Battle-Ready Moms Raising Battle-Ready Kids equips mothers with the weapons they need to fight for the spiritual survival of their children.  You'll learn:
  • Why your role as mom is critically important to the well-being of your children
  • How to encourage good choices through connection, not rules alone
  • How to build character and nuture individually
  • How to guide both girls and boys from infancy to young adulthood
Using Bible-based wisdom and experience-based advice, Reba Bowman challenges you to become the best mom you can be - because the destiny of your children depends on it.


At a very early age Reba Bowman accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. She was very blessed to be raised in a Christian home by loving parents who taught her to love the Lord with all her heart, soul, and mind.
Reba left for college with goals of becoming a college coach and professor and for fourteen years that is exactly what she did. She coached women’s volleyball and basketball at the college level and taught psychology and counseling courses. In 1996, she became the Dean of Women at a leading Christian University. For five years she poured her heart into the girls on campus and God began to move in a special way in her own heart. As she saw the struggles of college girls and the many difficult choices they had to make, God began to impress upon her heart the need for someone to go and talk to the parents. By the time they entered college, so many girls had made many poor choices and were struggling in their relationship with their parents and with the Lord. Wouldn’t it be great to talk to the parents of young children and help them “get in” with their kids? Wouldn’t it be great to help and encourage parents who are struggling with their teenager now? And best of all, wouldn’t it be great to help teenage girls all across the country find a way to open up the communication lines between them and their parents and them and the Lord?
As Reba began to pray, God began to move. In 2000, Joy Rice Martin asked Reba to come and be the Chief Operations Officer for Joyful Christian Ministries. She would not only get to speak but also have the opportunity to write. This open door gave Reba the start she needed. Soon she was traveling and speaking to women and teenage girls all across the country. God opened door after door and blessed her in ways beyond number. She conducted sessions for mothers, teenagers, and young singles, and God continued to expand her vision. Her passion grew for women of all ages who were struggling with a personal relationship with God. This became her battle cry as she spoke and wrote.
In 2002, Reba stepped out on her own in ministry. Reba is the author of Battle Ready Moms, Raising Battle Ready Kids(Xulon Press, 2010), a 2010 Christian Choice Award winner. She currently travels and speaks year round.
Reba believes God is preparing her for what lies ahead on His perfect path in her life. These are not days for the weak of heart or for those who want the easy road. Christ’s return is eminent and in these last days each opportunity to be salt and light is vital. But as Reba is often heard to say, “You cannot impact others with something that is not impacting you.”


Todays kids see more 'junk' in their young lives than many adults have seen in their whole lifetimes.  The spiritual battle for our kids and families is the hardest, longest and more rewarding battle we could ever fight.

Reba reminds us in her book, Battle Ready Mom Raising Battle Ready Kids, that as moms it is not only our jobs to fight for our kids in prayer, but to live a live worthy of them reflecting.  The biggest reminder  walked away from after reading Reba's book, was that my kids eyes are on me.  If my eyes are not on Jesus and I am not reflecting God, then I am leading my kids away from God.

Any mom who is ready for a challenge of how you can live to better prepare your kids for the spiritual battle they will soon realize is happening for their souls, then this book is a great start!


 The Legal Stuff: This book was provided by Reba Bowman.

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