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REVIEW: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family Matters


101 Unforgettable Stories about Our Nutty but Lovable Families
Nearly everyone thinks their own family is "nutty" or has at least one or two nuts. With 101 stories of wacky yet lovable relatives, funny foibles, and holiday meltdowns along with more serious stories about abuse and outbursts, this book is usually hilarious and occasionally poignant. Readers will feel comforted, amused, and encouraged by these unforgettable stories about "nutty" families just like their own. This book shows readers that we all have the same family matters and what really matters is families. It is a quirky and fun holiday book, and a great bridal shower or wedding gift!


The joys of family... can't live with 'em... can't live without 'em!

This book is full of laughs! If you haven't laughed in a while, then this book is one you need to read. It is full of encouraging, funny, heart-warming and some crazy stories.  After reading some stories you will be grateful for the family you got!

One of my favorite quotes from Family Matters can be found with story #68:

"The tooth fairy teaches children that they can sell body parts for money." 
                                                           -David Richerby
There are so many cute stories in this book.  What I love most about the Chicken Soup for the Soul series is that they are perfect bathroom reading!  The stories are short enough that you can read one or two in the time you are in the restroom.  So if you have a bathroom in your home you need to have a Chicken Soup for the Soul book in there!

Let me help you get one!

Shelton Interactive has generously given me three copies of Family Matters to giveaway!

On Monday Feb. 21, three (3) lucky winners will be picked at random to receive a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul ~Family Matters.

To enter, leave a comment telling me a favorite fun, funny, sweet or extremely memorable family time in your life!

Good luck and Happy Reading!!


 The Legal Stuff: This book was provided by Shelton Interactive.


Cheryl said...

Great to see you back Verlina. Here's my story:

My kids know me as the big fat meanie around here. That's what they call me when I won't let them do something they want to do.

Well, one night, it began snowing late in the day, and the kids asked to go outside. It was dark and close to bedtime. I was going to say no, but instead I agreed.

All of us went out and played in the snow, making snow angels, tossing around snowballs, even swinging in the backyard on our playscape.

Wehn we got cold enough, I told the girls it was time to go inside and they could have hot chocolate by the fireplace before we went to bed. As we were trouncing up the front steps, my oldest daughter said, "This is the best night of my life!"

I guess it pays to loosen up a bit from time to time.

Thanks for the chance to win this book.



Jordan said...

We always tease my 10 year old sister Peyton about being a "blond". There are so many stories I could tell, but I'll tell you my mom's favorite.

We were talking about how my parents came up with all of our names (there are 6 of us) one night and Peyton asked why they chose hers. They said that they watched a movie about a woman who was in an airplane crash and died, but they liked her name.(it's kind of funny that they named her after the girl who died...or told her that...haha)
Peyton stared at them for a while and asked, "What was her name?" LOL

I love Chicken Soup for the Soul! I love the look of your blog too...I'll be following now!


Cozy in Texas said...

Sorry I missed the deadline for this giveaway. Sounds like a fun read.

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