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REVIEW: Chicken Soup for the Soul ~ Shaping a New You


101 Encouraging Stories about Dieting and Fitness... and Finding What Works for You
No one likes to diet, but the personal stories in this book will encourage and inspire readers with its positive, practical, and purposeful tales of dieting and fitness. Readers will find hope, help, and hints on getting fit and staying healthy in these 101 stories from those who have been there, done that, and maintained it. Stories about wake-up calls and realizations, moving more and eating better, self-esteem and support, and lifestyle changes, big and small, will motivate any reader looking to start fresh or needing a boost. This is a great book for anyone embarking on a healthier lifestyle.


Every one needs a little encouragement, especially when it comes to our fitness and diet goals!

My favorite story is #56: Taking Control of my Body Image.

Especially as a women, I compare myself often to the girl next door, my best friend, the lady in front of me at the grocery store.  In this story Christine Junge tells of how she stop comparing herself to her best friend, how she looked at many pictures of herself and could find something to complain about in each of them, but how  now she has come to grips with herself and her body and realizes she has better things to think about.

I love it!

I, too, have found myself doing the exact same thing Christine did for many years, and now at age 30 (Oh My Gosh! I just announced my age to all of you!) I have come to grips with myself too.  Do I long to still lose the baby weight that I am still carrying from my first child (who is turning nine next week by the way!)? Yes!  Do I want to pull out that bag of clothes that I have hidden in the back of the storage room that is a size down from what I am currently wearing? Yes!  Do I want to fit back into my wedding dress, just to say that I fit back into my wedding dress? YES!

Do I have to look like the 19 year old model who eats nothing but carrots the day before her Vogue magazine shot and has had liposuction and lifts to look like she does? NO WAY!

(I never will look like that! And I am okay with that now!!)


 The Legal Stuff: This book was provided by Shelton Interactive.

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