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~ *CHALLENGE* ~ 20 New Christian Authors in 2010

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Here's a challenge to read 20 books from Christian authors that you have not read before. Pick any Christian book, fiction or non-fiction, but it MUST be an author that you have not read before.

  • Must be 20 DIFFERENT authors!
  • Any title, Christian genre and length of book will count for this challenge.
  • No reviews are necessary. (But reviews are always nice to read!)
  • Books read for other challenges DO count toward fulfilling the 20 author commitment of this challenge!
  • MUST be a Christian author!!!

It will begin January 1, 2010 and will end December 31, 2010.

A winner will be chosen at random to receive a prize package of 10 (TEN) Christian books. (Exact books to be determined at a later date.)

Only open to U.S. residents.

To sign up just leave a comment WITH a direct link to your blog post saying you've taken the challenge. ~Please, in your post, link back to this original post so that others can join in
THEN... grab the " I've Taken the Challenge " button (below).

All entries for the random prize drawing must sign up by posting a link to your blog post accepting the challenge by March 31, 2010 to be eligible to receive the prize.

Don't forget to list a few potential authors in your post so others can see who you are considering reading. It might be a new author to them too!

Better your chances of winning!!!

Earn extra entries!!! 2 extra chance in drawing for EACH of the following:
Earn unlimited amount of entries!
  • Write a review about the new author title you read. Comment on this post with DIRECT link to your book review.
  • Post a review on any bookseller site (Amazon.com, CBD.com, etc). Then comment on this post with a DIRECT link to your review. (Can be posted on multiple site. TWO extra entry PER review!)
  • Read another book by a new author you've discover through this challenge AND post a review on your blog. Comment on this post that this is a 2nd, 3rd, etc. book by a new author you have discovered through this challenge. Include a DIRECT link to your post. (A review is REQUIRED to earn the extra entry for this option.)
  • Invite friends to join! For every 10 people we have join after 50 I will add an additional winner to the lot. SO-once we have 70 participates, I will give away the ten book lot as the first prize AND two other lucky participates will each get ONE book! Once we have 100 I will give away the ten book lot plus 5 participates will win ONE book each!

Check out this link here
for a chance to win TWO books of your choice
(from those listed)
for helping promote this challenge.
The Promotion Contest will end January 31, 2010.
Winner will be announced on February 1.

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Joanna Mallory said...

Twenty Christian authors I haven't read before... after the new-to-me ones I've read this year...

I don't qualify for the contest because I live in Canada, but thanks for giving me something to think about. I'll be watching to see which authors you list, to see who to add to my own list.

Great idea!

A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

I too live in Canada, so don't qualify but awesome challenge! Will be checking out the authors and add to my list!!:)

Great blog:)


Linda said...

I wold love to join this challenge!

SuperMom said...

Hi Linda!
Welcome aboard!
Don't forget to grab the 'button' on the sidebar to place on your blog!

MizB said...

I'm signing up (my post is here), but I won't be eligible for the prize, as I'm Canadian.

Still, it sounds like fun! Thanks for hosting! :D


Becky said...

I'm signing up. Here's my post about the challenge.

Nique said...

Count me in! Here's the link to my Reading Challenges Post. Looking forward to the challenge!

Anonymous said...

What if I saw the contest, live in the US but do not have a blog? Is there any way of those of us to participate or is it only for those with blogs?
Thanks for your help.

SuperMom said...

Dear Anonymous,
Good question!

Sure, why not!

Go ahead and participate!
HERES HOW: Add comments on any of the New-To-Me- Author posts on my blog with the titles and authors you've read AND a link to a review you write on a consumer website (Amazon or BN.com etc).... I'll include you in the challenge drawing!
How does that sound!!

Happy Reading!
(Don't forget to give a name when you leave comments- there are alot of "Anonymous" people out there! ~LOL!)

Megan said...

Here's a link to my first review.


Or you could view it on amazon at


Megan said...

Okay, I finished Veiled Freedom by J.M. Windle. Here's a link to my review...


Megan said...

Here is my blog link for the review Leanna Ellis


Here is an amazon link for same review...


Megan said...

New to me author Jackina Stark...
Review of Things Worth Remembering

On my blog:

Also on Amazon:

Megan said...

I think I finally figured out links!!! Yay! So here should be an actual link to my review or Patti Hill's Seeing Things.


Megan said...

I also posted the review on

And here is the one for Veiled Freedom on

Sally said...

Count me in! I'm starting with A Praying Life by Paul Miller


D and A said...


I just added a post to be part of your challenge. I do not live in the USA but am from there. This probably does not count, but I can get mail in the USA and have it brought to me.

Regardless, I thought it was a good challenge. I posted a review of one of my new authors for this year below my post on taking the challenge.

Monique said...

This seems cool! I'll join next year when it opens again. Enjoy y'all!

Michelle Sutton said...

Even thought I'm late entering, I'm going to do the challenge since I've kept track of all the books I've read dating back to January, so I can swing it. I will list the new to me authors at http://edgyinspirationalauthor.blogspot.com

Edna said...

I am late in entering also and don't quite understand how to do it, I put the button on my blog and I also am in the contest to read 100 books this year and already read 103 and a lot of them are new authors to me, so how do I list this? Also when I put the button on my blog and clicked it, it did not go anywhere, said the blog did not exist.

My list will be on my second blog http://edna-myfavoritethings2.blogspot.com


D and A said...


Here is my final tally for the challenge unless I read one more before 2011. I read 23 total.

D and A said...

Here are the reviews that I wrote so far this year:

Free Book (same review posted on Amazon)

Hedge of Thorns

Not God's Type

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