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CD Review: Big Green Alligator by La-La Lisa

Big Green Alligator

Who would have thought that a silly song made up on a long road trip over fifteen years ago would become the theme song for a children's CD in 2010?

Targeting kids from pre-school through Kindergarten, all 18 songs on the new CD were written by Lisa although she boats her oldest son was the originator of the tune "My Little Brother".

Lisa started singing at youth camps when she was 16. To this day she is still know by many as La-La Lisa.

What fun catchy tunes!
This is a new favorite at our house. The upbeat and silly songs are fun to dance to!

It will keep us plenty entertained on a long trip planned for later this year!

Though it is geared toward pre-school to Kindergarten age, even my 2nd and 3rd graders had great fun and enjoyed the tunes!

WARNING TO PARENTS: These tunes WILL get stuck in your head!

Take a listen here!

 The Legal Stuff: This book was provided by Gina Adams @ Adams Group PR.

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