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In Plain Sight by Charles R. Gordon, M.D.

In Plain Sight: Seeing God's Signature throughout Creation

Can you see what's hidden in plain sight? The similarities in the design of the universe are amazing. An oak tree looks like a brain cell. A hurricane shaped like a galaxy. A rose curled like a seashell. Is the connection just coincidence? Or is it something more? Like an artist whose work is immediately recognizable, a Supreme Being has left his signature on all of creation for us to find. If you look closely, from microscopic algae to the largest nebula looming light years across in space, he has signed his name in repeated patterns and recognizable styles. But you have to look. So, open your eyes. Reawaken to wonder. And find yourself in awe of the mystery and greatness of God. This book features 40 devotions each including a pairing of stunning photos displaying striking similarities of design in God's creation.
Charles R. Gordon MD

Dr. Charley Gordon is committed to seeing God's handiwork in daily life. As a neurosurgeon and scientist, he brings a unique perspective to his pursuit of cataloging evidence of God's signature throughout creation. He and his family live in Tyler, Texas where he practices medicine at Gordon Spine Associates.

What a wonderful devotional walk through various things we see everyday, as well as the amazing microscopic things that make up our body. What a great reminder of God's hand in everything in our universe!

The photos in Dr. Gordon's book are beautiful and really capture the awesomeness of our God!

My favorite devotion was Day 24: Colorblind.
Key Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:12
We cannot fully see all the things that surround us in all God's true wonder, until the day we see them in Heaven! Just as the color blind person on earth cannot fully experience and take in the beauty of the things around him/her, we cannot see God's creation in all its wonderful glory until we see them through perfect eyes.

This books makes a great gift for that person who 'has it all'. Each of the forty days has a thought-provoking devotion as well as beautiful pictures to get your mind realizing the true handiwork of our God!

The God who not only spoke the world into existence, but who counts the hairs on head, made each of our body parts to work in sync with each other. The God who hung the stars in the sky and placed the Earth exactly 93 million miles from the blistering surface of the sun.

The God who thought of it all!


The Legal Stuff: This book was provided by the author.

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