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Help our school... and a GIVEAWAY!

Kohls is giving away $500,000 to 20 schools across the nation!

Each FB user gets 20 votes! You can vote for any schools you want!


Please vote for my kids school and then leave a comment say you did!

I'll draw a random winner 
who will receive a 3 pack of books 
(your choice from a list I provide)
and a 'SURPRISE' prize !!!!
(Um... wonder what it will be!!)

I have a few votes left... 
after you vote, 
leave the name of your school here on my blog in a comment
and I will randomly pick some schools to vote for!

Voting ends September 3, 2010!
Random Drawing will take place on or around September 3, 2010!



Livvie said...

Hi :) I just voted for your school, so I really hope you win! I will pass this link to my friends for extra votes for you :)

[hee won't lie, I hope I win too!] :)

Tight Wad In Utah said...

Thanks for following me! I'm very happy to follow you, I love books! :)



Autumn said...

I voted for our school, 5 votes!

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