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Keeping Her in the Light by Nicole Fuentes

Cover Art of "Keeping Her in the Light"


First there was darkness…
A seemingly typical young woman wakes up to find herself in the dark. She does not know how she got there; she does not know why she is there. She feels for a light switch, thinking the light will ease her tension—thinking the light will make things better.
Then there was light.
Death is only an instant. What she sees in the once white room is way past death itself. Realization sets in. The answers to the “how” and the “why” cease to be vague, and it is made clear that escape is out of the question. For a puzzling madman holds her captive, and only he can provide her with her freedom. Only he can grant it because only he has the key.
Now there is only a decision.
He will kill her only if she is able to prove the existence of a certain syndrome. In the meantime, he settles for torture. Escape is not possible, and there are only two different ways of ending this madman’s reign: Kill him or stay alive.
Staying alive requires tolerance to pain and despair. It asks of her a precise resistance to a syndrome–one she knows nothing about. If she doesn’t die, he doesn’t search for his next victim. If she doesn’t die, no one else has to.
Killing him vanquishes all hopes of freedom, for the key will die with him. Killing is just another form of murder. Murder will make her the one monster she swore she would never be: The same beast responsible for building a definite barrier on the line that divides past from present to possible future. One who has silenced her past forever.


Nicole Fuentes, a teen from the Philippines, is new to the writing scene and I can imagine her becoming a Best-Seller soon!


I am not a huge fan of pyscho-thiller because to be honest with ya, I let my mind run away from me way to often and I know that it is important for me to keep my mind on good things, like the things that are lovely, pure, of good report, etc (like Gal 5 says).

I was given the opportunity to read Nicole's novella and I was blown away. I was captivated and read the book in one sitting! I could not put it down. I was intrigued by the developing relationship between the killer and Allie (the main character). Nicole successfully revealed the many sides of the killer, including his sick and twisted mind.

This violently graphic novella is more than just a thriller, Nicole intertwines many conversations of Allie and her killer that not only show both of their personalities and beliefs, but also teaches the reader a little something about life, family and self.

Keeping Her in the Light is a  riveting thiller and is exceptionally well written and is captivating novella that is clean, fresh and deep. I recommend this to psycho-thiller lovers everywhere.

Nicole has a deep mind, a clean and captivating writing style and I see her going far with her talents.

Most of you that have been regular readers know that I seldom, hardly ever stray from the Christian genre in both reading and reviewing. I was drawn to this book because though it was not a "Christian" author or book, it was clean of language and sex. At parts is was very detailed in violence, so if that kind of thing bothers you, I suggest you skip this book.

Thanks for understanding my heart, and please know that I do not plan to change my genres of reviews from the Christian and clean reads.

Many Blessings,


 The Legal Stuff: This book was provided by the author.

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