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Glaen by Fred Lybrand

Glaen: A Novel Message on Romance, Love and Relating


Annie is a college grad-student who is stumped about love. Her mom and dad are in the throes of a divorce, her teenage sister is obsessed with how her boyfriend makes her look, and her closest friend Jennah is on a continual ride of running off every guy she dates.

Friendships, dating, romance, and marriage—it's all confusing to Annie until the day a white-haired stranger appears in her life. Glaen is an unusual professor with an unusual name. Her white-haired unconventional mentor guides Annie on a path of discovery that unlocks the secrets of real relationships in a world gone phony. By abandoning herself to learn, Annie discovers the mystifying affect of how learning to tell the truth changes everything in friendship, family, and love.

The solutions Dr. Lybrand offers in this book will astound and free you to quit doing the very things that take away your ability to find the love and friendship you want. More importantly, you'll discover a fresh path to the possibility of greater connections with those you care most about. You'll want everyone you love to read this book...twice!


Image of Fred R. LybrandMaybe it’s because his dad was a lawyer and state legislator, or maybe it’s because he grew up in Alabama with something to prove, or maybe he just found a good use for his self-proclaimed ADHD, but whatever the cause, Fred Lybrand has become a careful thinker in a number of disciplines. If you are looking at a topic with Dr. Lybrand, then you are guaranteed to see things like you never have before. “I finally discovered that I’m one of those unfocused students that just likes to learn everything. I guess God made me to be a knowledge broker—-I learn some hopefully useful information and then give it to others who need it,” Lybrand describes of his own love for learning and teaching.

Lybrand has been married to Jody White Lybrand, his college sweetheart, for 27 years. They have five children: Tripp, Laura, Forrest, Holmes, and Brooks. Jody has a Master’s degree in early childhood education and does the larger share of the homeschooling for the Lybrand gang, all of whom have been schooled from birth to college at home. Dr. Lybrand agrees that “if you can’t say it you don’t know it,” and with writing as his first love, he created The Writing Course a curriculum to teach kids to overcome every fear of writing on the way to writing well.
In addition to Glaen, Lybrand has written and published five other books entitled Heavenly Citizenship: The Spiritual Alternative to Power Politics; The Absolute Quickest Way to Help Your Child Change; About Life and Uganda; and Preaching on Your Feet, and Back to Faith: Reclaiming Gospel Clarity in an Age of Incongruence.

Find more about Fred and his books at www.glaen.com.


What an awesome way to present a message! Fred chose an exceptional form to present his knowledge about relationships and it will touch any and all who read it.

Following Annie through her steps and she does the assignments for her college class and being taken into her journal as she writes what she observes and is learning was captivating.

Wonderful, fun and insightful read!


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