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Misplacing God...And Finding Him Again by Joanne Heim

Misplacing God: And Finding Him Again


In a fast-paced life it can be hard to find a place for God, but Joanne Heim offers inspiration and advice to make God a part of your busy world.

Does making a place for God keep sliding to the bottom of your to-do list? Every Christian wants to spend time with God, but too often He gets wedged between work, appointments, school activities, and everything else crowding our schedules. By the end of the day, we've missed spending quality time with our Heavenly Father. We want more of God-but how? Joanne Heim understands this struggle. She's been there, too. After her own experience of misplacing God, she discovered how making Him a priority can bring the peace we so desperately need. Now she invites you on a journey to find a purpose, place, practice, prayer, perseverance, and passion for the One who makes our lives complete. Inspirational and uplifting, Misplacing God And Finding Him Again will show how you, too, can re-discover God in the midst of your busy life-and how your life will get better when you do!

Joanne Heim (a.k.a The Simple Wife) has been a publicist, senior copywriter, and editor in the Christian publishing industry for ten years. She is the author of several books with her husband, Toben, including Happily Ever After: A Real-Life Look at Your First Year of Marriage . She has also written numerous Bible study guides and been the featured guest on many radio programs, including Focus on the Family and Moody's Midday Connection . Now a full-time mom, Joanne's schedule is filled with the activities she most enjoys: caring for her husband and two young daughters, friendships, ballet, knitting, and writing.

Joanne and her husband, Toben, also blog together at Our Crazy Marriage. Take a look around, you might learn something to help you and your marriage... like I did!

Joanne has provided a great book full with lots of things that we sometimes don't think about.
One chapter that really struck me was Finding a Place. In this chapter, Joanne talks about the importance of finding a special place to meet with God. She talks about a special place that her and her husband, Toben, shared many memories. As I thought about that concept she suggested, I agreed.

For my husband and I, Seashell Beach in Central California is a special place for us. We were not married yet, but I joined with his family in dropping him off to college at Cal Poly Tech University in San Luis Obispo. We shared walks along the beach and sat on the balcony at the little motel on the beach and watched the sunset together. It was a special place that holds some of our first special memories.

I see the reality the Joanne is trying to relay in her suggestion to get a special place to meet with God. I have yet to find mine yet... but I am searching!

Everyone woman (and even every man) can relate to Joanne's search for God. We are all in need of more of Him and more time with Him. By following Joanne's lead, it is within reach!

 The Legal Stuff: This book was provided by the author.

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Linda said...

Just want to stop by and tell you I received the two books you sent, Hidden, and Committed but Flawed. Thank you!

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