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Uncovered by Susie Davis

Uncovered: Revealing the Secrets of a Sexy Marriage


Having a happy and sexually satisfying marriage isn't work--it's fun!

Uncovered shares the secrets of understanding your husband and making your marriage your top priority using biblical wisdom, practical sense, and a bit of feminine charm. With plenty of wit and realistic advice, Susie Davis shows you

how to get over your naked self and love your body
what "speed sex" is (hint: it doesn't mean breaking records)
the importance of letting your husband be a man
how to move from roommate to playmate
and much more
Each chapter also includes a top secret section called The Male Room where real married men reveal their true feelings about their wives and marriages.

If you're ready to improve your relationship--and have fun--with the most important person in your life, this is the book for you.

Are you ready to have fun with your husband and improve your marital relationship? In Uncovered Susie Davis offers advise on how to make your marriage your top priority and how to love your body. You can have a happy and sexually satisfying marriage. Each chapter concludes with a set of questions for reflection and a section called THE MALE ROOM where married men reveal their true feelings about their wives and their marriages.

Susie Davis says that family means the world to her! She also says the Ministry is her life's work. She said 'yes' to God at age 17 and God has taken her willingness to answer his call and though it she had touch many.

She is the author of several books, including Parenting Your Teen and Loving It, and is a popular retreat and conference speaker. She is founder and director of Susie Davis Ministries (www.susiedavisministries.com) and has a passion for helping others develop God-centered relationships.

With her husband, Will, she co-founded Austin Christian Fellowship in Austin, Texas, where he serves as senior pastor and she frequently teaches. They have three children.

Susie has hit the hammer on the nail in many areas that women need to know about. THE MALE ROOM sections is full of honesty and depth and are a great help to women in any stage of marriage or relationship.

I asked each question to my husband on a date night and we had a lot of fun and learned even more about each other. We've been blessed with a great relationship (which takes lots of prayer, communication and understanding on each of our parts) and through Susie's new book, Uncovered, I was able to refresh my mind on something I already knew about men and learn a few new things too.

Any women who wants to learn more about how to win her husbands love in every area of life should read Uncovered. Because men's priorities and struggles are different than women's by learning more about men you can better your marriage immensely! It's not about being manipulative or deceitful in any way, it is merely learning why your man does, says and acts the way he does and how to communicate, love and show love to him.

You will not be disappointed with the information you read in this book! I wasn't!


 The Legal Stuff: This book was provided by Revel.

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