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Treading Water Today by Emily Angelica Roldan

This collection is presented from a teen's view of life. From love, to pain, to joy, to loneliness.


This accomplished author is a rising star in the literary community.  At just 16, she has had numerous works published in Teen Ink Magazine and has won an award in the Young Author’s Competition. Her goals are to continue writing and share with her readers an outlook on love, life and all in between.

Poems, short stories, projects, and news by Emily A. Roldan, comic book geek, teenager, American, artist, author, fangirl, INTP personality type, Episcopalian, and a fedora wearing, dress loving, nerd in heels. Find my published works on TeenInk, my fanfics on Fanfiction.net, works of art on Deviantart.com, and I'm on facebook. I am what I love, and love what I am.

Emily has opened herself like a book (pun intended!) and allowed us to peek into her soul.

I read through the whole book in one evening! I was hooked from page one... but my favorite was on page 14, The Skirt. Emily hit the hammer right on the nail! Every teen (and many women) can relate to this Essay.

Then, a few pages later I found another favorite.  Buy It, Break It, Throw it Away tells it just like it is! Perfectly.

Some poetry is just free flow thoughts others careful rhyme, all beautifully written and such a deep look into Emily's life, struggles, trials and heart.

I feel as if I know Emily personally. She is a beautiful teen who's heart searches after God and loves standing out and standing up for Him.


 The Legal Stuff: This book was provided by the author.

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