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My BLAB Social Network ~ Great Contest!

A few weeks I told you about a new social network for Christians. Well, if you didn't join then, than consider it now! 

Here's why:

The new social network myblab.com has announced a six-week contest promotion where users can win prizes including an iPod Touch 32GB , a 32" Sony Bravia LCD HD TV and a Dell Inspirion Laptop computer with 4GB memory and 320GB hard drive. 

New users of the website gain entries by creating a profile free on the 
myblab.com site and they can then obtain additional entries for every person they get to join the network.  Entries into the contest are automatic for those already signed up on myblab.com (See complete rules here).  

According to co-founder Chris Burkhart, myblab.com is a Christian social network website that combines the best applications from Facebook and MySpace. 

Burkhart says the applications in myblab.com are fast, scalable, reliable, and feature-rich. Because the site is new, joining myblab.com now allows individuals or organizations to grab a simple and personalized link to their profile page (URL), something almost impossible to do at this juncture with any other social networking site.  Plus, music lovers and video fanatics can load their profiles with their favorite audio and video clips.  And like other social networks, myblab.com is completely free to use. 
Recent negative headlines about Facebook have 60% of its users considering other alternatives in social networking due to privacy and safety issues.  Burkhart hopes the moral disposition of the membership of myblab.com will discourage unseemly behavior that happens on other social network sites. "Obviously, any social network has the potential for exploitation by people who mean to do harm to others," says Burkhart. "We do have a zero tolerance policy with anything inappropriate.  Any user can flag any other profile and if we conclude it is offensive, we will delete it.  We take the safety of the community very seriously."

So are non-Christians barred from the site?  Absolutely not, says Burkhart.  Like a church, his vision is for myblab.com to become a community where people who are interested in the Christian faith can come and find answers to their spiritual questions.  Ultimately, Burkhart sees the site becoming a valuable resource to connect people with churches in their area or Christian-based organizations that can help them with both their spiritual and practical needs such as dealing with health issues, financial difficulties, marital and family concerns, addictions or other problems they may be facing.

"The vision for myblab.com is to form a community of believers across the globe, encouraging one another in their journeys of faith," says Burkhart.  "I can't think of a better way to use the internet than that."


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