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Out of the Spin Cycle by Jen Hatmaker

Out of the Spin Cycle is a devotional for busy moms whose to-do list keeps them on auto-pilot most of the time. She lets mothers know that many of the things on that long list are not things Jesus expects them to do alone. Author Jen Hatmaker speaks to the woman inside the mom addessing issues such as worry, money, marriage, and priorities. Take a few moments and lighten your mother load!

Following Jesus shouldn't be just one more thing to do.

Motherhood sometimes feels like a list of expectations. You may be busy or even overwhelmed. But you are also strong and brilliant. And here's a secret: a lot of those things on your list of expectations are things Jesus never expected you to do on your own.

In Out of the Spin Cycle, author and speaker Jen Hatmaker takes the words and deeds of Jesus, adds the humor of a young mom's life, and offers messages of grace and encouragement. Covering areas such as worry, marriage, priorities, money, and the comparison trap, this dynamic Bible teacher brings Jesus's message alive in short, to-the-point devotionals for your busy life. This is a devotional for you--the woman inside the mom--the Bible student, the learner, the world-changer.
So put aside that to-do list for a moment and discover the ways Jesus can lighten your mother load.

Jen Hatmaker is the author of eight books and Bible studies, including A Modern Girl's Guide to Bible Study. With a heart for the women of her generation, she speaks at retreats and co
nferences around the country. Jen and her husband, Brandon, reside in Austin, Texas, with their three children and lead the ministry work at Austin New Church. Check out her website.

This is my favorite type of 'Mom' book. Each short chapter touches on a different yet very relevant topic, from motherhood, parenting to finances, surrendering to God and servanthood. Most included funny stories, (I really enjoyed Skorts and Tequila Sunrise) and each are touching and to the heart.

This to me is GREAT bathroom reading... wait, before you take that wrong let me explain!!

Each chapter in this book is short, sweet and to the point. You can set it down with your mind wrapped around a spiritual concept and applying it to your life (hopefully!).

As a mom to five young kids, I steal away for a "Mommy Potty Break" (I am potty training three year old twins!) and am able to be feed spiritually while I watch the little fingers under the door and laugh at Jen's cute stories.

This is a great addition to every mom's library!


The Legal Stuff: This book was provided by Baker Publishing Group.


MJFirstWildCard said...

I really enjoyed this one too. It's one of the better devotionals for mom that I have found in a while.

- Margaret

Natalie Ward said...

This has been one of my most favorite books!! I love it!!

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